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Guy with his 29 years’ experience in the industry has coached property investors, landlords and rehabbers, and individuals on how to become private placement lenders. He is often a featured speaker at local Real Estate conferences in the Baltimore Metro region on and considered an expert on these topics.

Guy founded Better Home Loan Mortgage, a retail mortgage operation in 1998 and later sold in 2006,

In 2001 Advance America Property & Finance, LLC was founded with the exclusive focus as a private hard money lending firm for rehab investors and rental property owners in the Baltimore, MD & DC metro regions and Northern, VA.

Guy and his business partner James Woodruff, another seasoned mortgage lender with 25+ years’ experience co-founded and currently manage the following companies:

‘2011: Private Mortgage Funding, LLC.

‘2013: Birchwood Capital, LLC.

‘2014 Birchwood Capital, Corp.

Guy’s experience includes primary loan underwriting, secondary marketing and collections. He participated in the original beta development of the FICO scoring model used today, referred to and commonly used “FICO” credit scoring model.

Guy is a member of the American Association of Private Lenders, past member of the National Association of Mortgage Professionals and, the National Association of Mortgage Brokers. He carries the designations of “CPLA” designation (Certified Private Lender Associate) and “CRMS” (Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist) and the. Formerly Licensed Maryland Real Estate Agent, Licensed Maryland Title Settlement Agent.



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